There are some wonderfully deep truths in this song by The Submarines, and they have nothing to do with buying an iphone:

Everyday we wake up
We choose Love
We choose light
And we try, it’s too easy just to fall apart

Love can free us from all excess
From our deepest debts
Cause when our hearts are full we need much less

(my online shopping urges need to take note)


So I know this is supposed to be a blog about living my life like it’s golden in the Golden State, but bear with me as I post a love song to one of my home states, the Great Lone Star State.

I publicly admit it: I really, really, really dislike working 10.5-12 hours straight every weekday without breaks. That may be a no-brainer for most of you, but at one time, I really thought I was a workaholic. I’m realizing now I’m more of a busy-a-holic. I love planning busy days (especially when I’m doing things I enjoy), switching tasks/scenery, and generally feeling productive, but these incredibly long workdays without breaks can be soul-crushing. It’s not good for anyone’s body to sit at a computer for such long stretches, and I know that I’m not healthy as I should be when I work these hours (especially since there’s no time in my day for exercise). It doesn’t take me long to burn out, and my precious weekends can’t come soon enough.

In an industry where you can never work too hard or too much, or do quite enough…I feel like an anomaly in my desire for what I believe is a more “balanced” life. So here’s my ongoing quest: can a “normal” person find balance and work in this town? Or will burn out make me a Hollywood drop out? Stay tuned, friends. Only time will tell.

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As a prosperous, developed nation, why is the U.S. so behind the curve in heathcare? We are a competitive, hardworking, ingenious nation. So why can’t we figure this thing out?

OK, so we just passed the Healthcare Reform Bill. Since this is a topic I’m passionate about, I downloaded the bill. It’s 1990 pages. Not even joking. I’d like a cliffs notes version, please! I’ve googled, and so far I’ve found thisthis and this.

(I’ll wait while you read…)

From what I understand, it’s a step in the right direction. It’s not perfect, and there is much more work to be done on this topic. Still, two things stand out to me as BIG victories: 1) it is now illegal for an insurance company to deny you for pre-existing conditions, and 2) a company cannot cancel your policy if you become sick. Unfortunately I did not see any regulations on how much the company can CHARGE or INCREASE your rates if you have a pre-existing condition or become sick.

As I said, it’s a small step towards justice for all American citizens, but a step nonetheless. After all, I firmly believe that attainable healthcare should not be viewed as a luxury for the few; it should be our birthright as U.S. citizens. As many of you know, I freelanced/temped with a company for a few years, and they did not offer an employer-based health insurance option. I had to purchase my own individual plan, and I was personally bullied by insurance companies – one who even deemed me uninsurable – even though I have no diseases or major health issues, (unless you count [and you shouldn’t] my clumsiness, less-than-stellar knees, and seasonal allergies). Even though I’m currently covered by my new employer, I still have quite a bit of of out-of-pocket expenses, paycheck deductions, and provider limitations (in-network vs. out-of-network). Why is healthcare so unattainable for those whose employers don’t cover them, and so costly all-around? In a wealthy nation like ours, we shouldn’t go bankrupt in order to receive proper medical (and dental, vision, etc.) care.

So, to all fearmongerers out there, please stop screaming “COMMUNISM!” If any of you enjoy the benefits of Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment Insurance, I have to assume you are not completely against government-regulated/controlled programs that benefit your life in your time of need. Won’t you demand better from the insurance industry? Let’s learn from other developed nations and provide for our own. Sickness sucks. Healthcare shouldn’t.

If you’d like to show your support of the Healthcare Reform Bill, you may co-sign the bill here.

“Being single is a thousand times better than being in a bad relationship.” Neil Clark Warren

I posted a similar magazine article back in 2008. Now she’s turned it into a book! Do you agree with her viewpoint?

via Marry Him — A Look At The Divisive New Book That Urges You To ‘Settle’.

Appropriate for North Hollywood (NoHo), but actually short for “no hormone” chili. I was really excited about using bison meat, but sadly, my local farmer’s market store said it’s currently “out of season” for them. I substituted lean grass-fed beef instead. I made it on Saturday for a big group of friends and it was delicious! I recommend this recipe for your next party / superbowl gathering…


Bison is the only red meat in America to which no hormones have ever been added, as stipulated by federal law; no hormones, and no unneeded antibiotics–ever. So for these hormone high holy days, I offer a slow cooker recipe I call, “Keep Your Damn Hormones Chili.” My best friend prefers to call it “No-Ho Chili,” which works, as well.Keep Your Damn Hormones Chili
By Marion

*3 tbs olive oil
*2 medium onions
*3 cloves garlic
*2 pounds ground bison
*2.5 tbs chili powder
*1 tsp cumin
*1 tsp allspice
*1 tsp cinnamon
*1 tsp coriander
*2 15.5-oz cans red kidney beans
*1 28-oz can crushed tomatoes
*1 28-oz can diced tomatoes
*1 4-oz can tomato paste
*1.5 tbs red wine vinegar

1. Sautee bison in large frying pan until done. Remove with slotted spoon, and transfer to slow cooker.
2. Wipe out frying pan.
3. Add olive oil to frying pan.
4. Pulse together onions and garlic in food processor until chopped.
5. Transfer to frying pan and add spices. Sautee on medium heat for five minutes or until onions are soft.
6. Transfer to slow cooker.
7. Add remaining ingredients to slow cooker and set for 6 hours on low or whatever suits your schedule.

(I add a dollop of organic plain strained or Greek yogurt to mine before eating. Also, all the beans, spices and oil are organic in my version, but that’s your call).

I’m also excited about finding THIS LINK. Very Julie and Julia minus all the kitchen time. Yummmm.

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“When I get lonely these days, I think: So be lonely. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. Never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your unfulfilled yearnings.”

– Eat Pray Love

a: [guys] have to find younger girls because those are the ones that will put up with their bullshit, just like we did. now we know better.