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Confession: I usually don’t have any issues with getting a good night’s sleep. I am a champion sleeper, and can sleep for very, very long stretches of time. If left to my own devices (no alarm) I can often sleep until noon or 1:00. I know, you’re jealous. And yes, I expect all of this to change if I ever have children (or marry a snorer, God help me).

Donate your cell, help a soldier call home!

This is perhaps the most mature article I’ve read about love & marriage in a long time. Props to this confident writer.

“The truth feels like the biggest sucker-punch of them all: it’s not a spouse or land or a job or money that brings us happiness. Those achievements, those relationships, can enhance our happiness, yes, but happiness has to start from within. Relying on any other equation can be lethal.”


Ok, so this article, Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships, doesn’t necessarily support or discredit my “just say no” title, but it’s really interesting. Here are some excerpts:

“..the age at which people marry for the first time has been steadily creeping up. As of 2005, in the United States, men married for the first time around the age of 27, and women at about 25 years of age…the hookup is what happens when high school seniors and college freshmen suddenly begin to realize they won’t be marrying for five, 10 or 15 years.”

“Young people during one of the most sexually active periods of their lives aren’t necessarily looking for a mate. What used to be a mate-seeking ritual has shifted to hookups: sexual encounters with no strings attached.”

“[Hooking up] is catching on among young working adults, mainly because of the Internet and social networks…Wilkerson says people hook up via the Internet and text messaging. ‘What that means is that you have contact with many, many more people, but each of those relationships takes up a little bit less of your life. That fragmentation of the social world creates a lot of loneliness.'”

I think it’s funny that if you scroll down to the end of the article, one of the links to “related articles” includes “Clyamydia Infections Are On The Rise.” Yeah, I’d say that’s related FOR SHIZZLE.

Picture 7

Let’s pause for a moment to notice this amazing artwork (see above). Just say no to hookups, and also to flat-tops, please! LOL. (Compliments of the Virginia Dept. of Health, seriously.)

I thought this was interesting, but they missed one crucial type = the douchebag! (This happens to be the prevalent type in LA – you know, those smarmy guys who really just want a booty call. Gross.)

5 Types of Men that Women Avoid

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LA Times article:

The Valley’s new 747 area code means dialing changes for 818

“…if you’re in the 818 area code and you want to call your neighbor to complain about a barking dog, you still need to dial 11 digits — like this: 1-818-000-0000.”


Nasal Irrigation. It doesn’t make for great date conversation, but who I am to withhold such helpful info in my blog? (Shameless, I know.)

Check out this NYT article:

Well, OF COURSE it does. If you’ve done it, then you know it is INSTANT temporary relief. I use my NeilMed Sinus Rinse everyday (usually before bed so that I can sleep better). I can’t imagine that anyone who suffers from allergies, congestion, etc. wouldn’t use a nasal irrigation system. I prefer this system so that I don’t have to tilt my head and play with gravity:


This version just shoots the water into your sinuses (based on the pressure you use to squeeze the bottle). I should be their spokesperson, don’t you think?

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