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I love this Nike ad – it helps me embrace my own injured, arthritic, scarred up knees (thanks to dancing & half-marathoning). Best line: “But I know there’s someone out there who will say to me: I love you, and I love your knees. I want the four of us to grow old together.” 🙂

I went to my orthopedic doc today for a follow-up on my right knee. He said I should have the surgery on my right knee, which would put me on crutches for no less than 6 weeks, and make me unable to drive anywhere or get up to my 2nd story apartment. When I told him this was logistically impossible, seeing as how I have no family/caretakers in LA, he  suggested I take taxis/carpool to work and rent a 1st floor apt or live with a friend for 6 weeks. Such a comedian!

My non-surgical option is to live my life around my knee pain (for now), and avoid a lot of activity. Though this option won’t help put my kneecap in the proper anatomical position, it is the only temporary immediate solution I can see right now. I see my doc again in 4 weeks to discuss.

Please pray for 1) healing and 2) good decision-making on this. My other two-knee surgeries/recoveries were emotionally and physically grueling, not to mention quite life-altering.

I publicly admit it: I really, really, really dislike working 10.5-12 hours straight every weekday without breaks. That may be a no-brainer for most of you, but at one time, I really thought I was a workaholic. I’m realizing now I’m more of a busy-a-holic. I love planning busy days (especially when I’m doing things I enjoy), switching tasks/scenery, and generally feeling productive, but these incredibly long workdays without breaks can be soul-crushing. It’s not good for anyone’s body to sit at a computer for such long stretches, and I know that I’m not healthy as I should be when I work these hours (especially since there’s no time in my day for exercise). It doesn’t take me long to burn out, and my precious weekends can’t come soon enough.

In an industry where you can never work too hard or too much, or do quite enough…I feel like an anomaly in my desire for what I believe is a more “balanced” life. So here’s my ongoing quest: can a “normal” person find balance and work in this town? Or will burn out make me a Hollywood drop out? Stay tuned, friends. Only time will tell.

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As a prosperous, developed nation, why is the U.S. so behind the curve in heathcare? We are a competitive, hardworking, ingenious nation. So why can’t we figure this thing out?

OK, so we just passed the Healthcare Reform Bill. Since this is a topic I’m passionate about, I downloaded the bill. It’s 1990 pages. Not even joking. I’d like a cliffs notes version, please! I’ve googled, and so far I’ve found thisthis and this.

(I’ll wait while you read…)

From what I understand, it’s a step in the right direction. It’s not perfect, and there is much more work to be done on this topic. Still, two things stand out to me as BIG victories: 1) it is now illegal for an insurance company to deny you for pre-existing conditions, and 2) a company cannot cancel your policy if you become sick. Unfortunately I did not see any regulations on how much the company can CHARGE or INCREASE your rates if you have a pre-existing condition or become sick.

As I said, it’s a small step towards justice for all American citizens, but a step nonetheless. After all, I firmly believe that attainable healthcare should not be viewed as a luxury for the few; it should be our birthright as U.S. citizens. As many of you know, I freelanced/temped with a company for a few years, and they did not offer an employer-based health insurance option. I had to purchase my own individual plan, and I was personally bullied by insurance companies – one who even deemed me uninsurable – even though I have no diseases or major health issues, (unless you count [and you shouldn’t] my clumsiness, less-than-stellar knees, and seasonal allergies). Even though I’m currently covered by my new employer, I still have quite a bit of of out-of-pocket expenses, paycheck deductions, and provider limitations (in-network vs. out-of-network). Why is healthcare so unattainable for those whose employers don’t cover them, and so costly all-around? In a wealthy nation like ours, we shouldn’t go bankrupt in order to receive proper medical (and dental, vision, etc.) care.

So, to all fearmongerers out there, please stop screaming “COMMUNISM!” If any of you enjoy the benefits of Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment Insurance, I have to assume you are not completely against government-regulated/controlled programs that benefit your life in your time of need. Won’t you demand better from the insurance industry? Let’s learn from other developed nations and provide for our own. Sickness sucks. Healthcare shouldn’t.

If you’d like to show your support of the Healthcare Reform Bill, you may co-sign the bill here.

Here’s a link to a crazy story about the doc who performed my first sinus surgery back in 2002 (it didn’t go well; I was very sick afterwards). He fled the country and was finally found by the authorities. A few years ago I ended up having a second surgery by my (legit) sinus doc here in California.

As many of you know, I’m training for the 13.1 LA Marathon on January 10th. I will be walking most (if not all) of the race in an effort to be kind to my poor knees. I’m currently in the middle of week 6 in my training program, which combines walking, strengthening, and cross-training. That means I’m halfway there!

The first few weeks were tough because I wasn’t used to such a rigid plan, but as the weeks have gone by, I’ve been more consistent about meeting my daily goals. My friend Tara has joined me for some of my walks; it’s been nice to have a training buddy (especially when I walk late at night). I know my training will only get harder, especially as I gear up for two-weeks of traveling over the holidays. I’ll need my family’s help in keeping me accountable for getting my butt in gear while I’m on vaca!

In addition to this physical challenge, I’m challenging my friends and family to help me support one of my favorite charities, World Vision. There’s no fundraising minimum, but I’d love it if each one of you would consider giving at least THREE DOLLARS. That would add up to over $1000 worth of aid for needy children and families around the world. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

If you’d like to partner with me in this, please visit my fundraising site:

Thanks for your support and generosity!

Did you know that men eventually suffer andropause, the male version of menopause?

I’m not making this up; I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

Is it bad that I kind of chuckled when I stumbled upon this information? I mean, for all the $#%@#%^! women have to deal with, it’s kind of comforting to know that men will eventually suffer, too (muhahaha). In fact, it prompted me to write this admittedly smug letter…


Dear most men I know:

Yes, that means you, sexually promiscuous bachelors. You think you have all the time in the world to just $#% around with women, probably because you assume that you will age well (and either go bald or rock your gray hair with distinction), and have the ability to procreate well into your 70s.

Well, watch out, because it’s not all dirty in your 30’s. Your biological clock is ticking; the “pause” is coming for you, too. Your libido is going down, your muscles are atrophying, and you’re gonna get fat soon. If that doesn’t make you depressed then I’m sure the 10% drop in your hormones will. So take my advice, and find a good woman to stick by your side while you’ve still got it.

Or you could always try exercise, a healthy diet, Viagra, and hope for trophy girlfriends. I’m sure most of you will pick the latter route to “happiness.” But don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


I’d rather be single than date you anyway

I haven’t keep you all up-to-date on my Papa because I haven’t known quite what to write. The situation is confusing to everyone in our family, but my Aunt Cathy was nice enough to write a clear, concise update, which I’ve modified and posted below…

Papa is continuing to walk on his own, using just a cane instead of the walker he depended on when he first left the hospital. As most of you know, he and my grandma recently moved to an assisted living facility near my family in Indiana, where they have a nice apartment, three good meals a day prepared for them, and medical staff available on site.

One of Papa’s recent tests reveals that the cancer has spread, but the PET scan, colonoscopy, MRI’s, etc. do not reveal the location of the cancer. If you recall from earlier reports, the doctors removed a cancerous tumor in his liver, tested the cells around it and lymph nodes, and did an exploratory search of his organs, looking for the origin of the cancer, or for additional cancer, but found nothing. To slow the growth of the elusive cancer, Papa has begun taking chemotherapy in pill form and is handling that well. He is concerned about what is ahead, but has a good attitude, and keeps us entertained with his sense of humor. I will be traveling to Indiana in October to see him for the first time since this whole ordeal. Please keep my grandparents in your prayers as they come to mind. Thank you so much.

At the end of our biggest loser contest I lost…(DRUM ROLL)…3.2 lbs. Laughable? Not for me. My body clings to pounds like a kid to a security blanket. I eat pretty healthy and exercise moderately (hey, I have a social life), but the pounds do not melt away. HOWEVER, I’ve made some healthy changes over the long run, and  I think I weigh at least ten lbs less than I did around November of last year. Progress!

To health and sexy curves!

Check out this article.

A few excerpts:

“Grace Adler. Lorelei Gilmore. And, yes, Liz Lemon. You’ve seen them over and over, these slender women stuffing their faces for comic effect. Because they’re quirky! And down to earth! And lonely! But always skinny, so it’s okay!”

“Why are they all pretending to eat junk food constantly, yet maintaining Hollywood-tiny figures that clearly show the effects of restraint and exercise? …Maybe writers in Tinseltown find women eating normally to be such a novelty that it’s the stuff of high comedy.


Thanks for the link, Sandra.