I love Mark Drisdoll, and here’s one of many reasons.

If you follow that link to his latest Washington Post article, you’ll find an opinion that echos Christian (and probably even a few non-Christian) women’s frustrations with “men these days,” or, as Mark calls them, “boys who can shave.”

This article definitely resonated with me. Especially this part….

“What happens if you walk into the church and try to find out what a man looks like? First of all, you’re not going to find a lot of guys in most evangelical churches. The least likely person to see in church is a single, twenty-something male. He is as rare at church as a vegan at a steak house….In the church, boys who can shave are cowards who are complainers…They don’t declare a major, church, theology, or fiancé. They don’t want to fail and they think if they don’t try, then they can’t fail. And by definition, that’s a failure.”

I think that one of the biggest ways the enemy is attacking modern Christian women is through “Christian” men. The church is full of awesome young women who are passionately following Christ (myself included). Yet if you look around the church, our options for Godly boyfriends/fiances/husbands have become sparse, if not non-existent. Our young singles ministry is a good example of this imbalance. At our last event, we had about 10-12 women show up, and only 4 men.

Several of my girlfriends have asked me (in frustration), “Where are the young, single Christian men?” I don’t know the answer, and I’m afraid of the obvious assumption (There aren’t any?).  Thanks to lack of options, many Christian women try to get creative and find Christian men outside of the church (easier said than done). Or, they try “missionary dating” (i’ve been guilty of this method), which basically involves dating someone who is NOT a Christian in hopes that they will eventually commit their life to Jesus before you get too committed as a couple (this rarely ends well). Then there are those women who give up on finding a Christian man, and settle for someone whose values and beliefs come into direct contrast with their own (which requires great compromise of the heart). And then there are those who give up on dating altogether (oh hey there cat ladies!). Still, some of us (like Mark Drisdoll) have no hope in guys, but have hope for the guys because they are the glory of God (this requires prayer and supernatural intervention).

I’m glad Mark used a trending article as his jumping off point for – let’s be honest, his RANT – on the modern man-child. Sometimes I daydream about being born in another era (Mad Men makes the 50s-60s seem sexy, though rather dysfunctional), but then I remember how much I love air conditioning and Tivo. So I’m glad I’m a modern-day Christian woman and all, but all us Jesus-loving gals would love for some Christian men to show up in 2010. Or at least in the next decade. But preferably sooner.

Meanwhile we’ll all be praying.