Dear loyal friends and readers, I have another Papa update for you.

Last week my Papa was admitted to the hospice unit at the recommendation of his visiting hospice nurse last week. However, medicare will only pay for 5 days of hospice (at the discretion of the hospital), and since he was doing a little bit better, they were going to discharge him this week. But then he took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon. He started having mad hallucinations, along with uncontrollable sweating, laughter, and tears. He announced that he was going to die within two hours, and he had seen heaven and his deceased family members welcoming him. This was so unlike anything he would ever say, so all of my family (within state lines) left their jobs and rushed to the hospital. The nurses thought it could be the end. But by the end of the day, he had calmed down, and besides a lot of vomiting (poor guy), he was better this morning. He is a fighter! He wants to stay alive, and wants to stay by my grandma’s side.

Since he is doing so much better, hospice is kicking him out of the unit again (causing some drama/stress on the family), and he is being sent back to assisted living as long as they can find him a hospital bed and a full-time nurse.

It’s been an exhausting and emotional few days, to say the least. I’ve been stressed about possible last-minute travel to Indiana when the time comes (which I thought might be yesterday). I looked into my family’s pilot “companion vouchers,” but they are unavailable until after labor day. I’ve looked into compassion/bereavement fares, but let’s just say I don’t think that $600-700/ticket is very compassionate. So I am praying that the Lord will provide when the time comes.