I went to my orthopedic doc today for a follow-up on my right knee. He said I should have the surgery on my right knee, which would put me on crutches for no less than 6 weeks, and make me unable to drive anywhere or get up to my 2nd story apartment. When I told him this was logistically impossible, seeing as how I have no family/caretakers in LA, he  suggested I take taxis/carpool to work and rent a 1st floor apt or live with a friend for 6 weeks. Such a comedian!

My non-surgical option is to live my life around my knee pain (for now), and avoid a lot of activity. Though this option won’t help put my kneecap in the proper anatomical position, it is the only temporary immediate solution I can see right now. I see my doc again in 4 weeks to discuss.

Please pray for 1) healing and 2) good decision-making on this. My other two-knee surgeries/recoveries were emotionally and physically grueling, not to mention quite life-altering.