I publicly admit it: I really, really, really dislike working 10.5-12 hours straight every weekday without breaks. That may be a no-brainer for most of you, but at one time, I really thought I was a workaholic. I’m realizing now I’m more of a busy-a-holic. I love planning busy days (especially when I’m doing things I enjoy), switching tasks/scenery, and generally feeling productive, but these incredibly long workdays without breaks can be soul-crushing. It’s not good for anyone’s body to sit at a computer for such long stretches, and I know that I’m not healthy as I should be when I work these hours (especially since there’s no time in my day for exercise). It doesn’t take me long to burn out, and my precious weekends can’t come soon enough.

In an industry where you can never work too hard or too much, or do quite enough…I feel like an anomaly in my desire for what I believe is a more “balanced” life. So here’s my ongoing quest: can a “normal” person find balance and work in this town? Or will burn out make me a Hollywood drop out? Stay tuned, friends. Only time will tell.