I haven’t keep you all up-to-date on my Papa because I haven’t known quite what to write. The situation is confusing to everyone in our family, but my Aunt Cathy was nice enough to write a clear, concise update, which I’ve modified and posted below…

Papa is continuing to walk on his own, using just a cane instead of the walker he depended on when he first left the hospital. As most of you know, he and my grandma recently moved to an assisted living facility near my family in Indiana, where they have a nice apartment, three good meals a day prepared for them, and medical staff available on site.

One of Papa’s recent tests reveals that the cancer has spread, but the PET scan, colonoscopy, MRI’s, etc. do not reveal the location of the cancer. If you recall from earlier reports, the doctors removed a cancerous tumor in his liver, tested the cells around it and lymph nodes, and did an exploratory search of his organs, looking for the origin of the cancer, or for additional cancer, but found nothing. To slow the growth of the elusive cancer, Papa has begun taking chemotherapy in pill form and is handling that well. He is concerned about what is ahead, but has a good attitude, and keeps us entertained with his sense of humor. I will be traveling to Indiana in October to see him for the first time since this whole ordeal. Please keep my grandparents in your prayers as they come to mind. Thank you so much.