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“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And his pants. But you go for the stomach first, because that’s what classy women do.” – Bonnie, More To Love

Yes, this brilliant quote came from the pilot of More To Love, which I will be following with great interest and a healthy dose of skepticism.



I forgot how hard it is to play in the sand. It felt like there were weights around my ankles, and I could only move in slow motion. Frustrating, but still fun.


The white team, minus Sheri and John.

We played our last game on Sunday. We were so close to winning best out of 3 that day that it was ridiculous. But alas, we are done for the season. We had a good run. As you can see, I’m the shortest on the team. But what I lacked in height, athleticism, and amazing vertical ups, I made up for in attendance and cuteness. Emphasis on attendance. 🙂

I don’t blog very often, but I like to login and see what people search for and how they end up at my blog. Today’s top searches cracked me up:

types of men to avoid,  overactive bladder potty dance,  (301): lady next to me is getting american flags airburshed on her nails. god bless the ghetto.,  i run to you lady antebellum worship song?

Yes, folks. That about sums up what’s on my mind in a nutshell.

I love this site. Admitting that surely brings me to new lows in many of your minds, but what can I say? I have a raunchy sense of humor. I picked some of my “cleaner” favs  to share here:

(301): Lady next to me is getting american flags airburshed on her nails. god bless the ghetto.

(573): shit is crazy. i just keep thinking that this kid growing inside Emily used to live in my balls.

(253): I miss him.. What the hell did I get myself in to? I guess it will get better with time.
(281): No. Just liquor. Time’s no good.

(612): i want tt clbm rinabw nd ride uncrn
(952): what?
(612): i wnt tto climb a rainboww and ride a unicornnnnnnnnn

(812): If you really hate me that much, you need to stop letting me put my penis inside of you. It sends the wrong message.

(317): when im not freaking out about dying alone and unloved, i actually really enjoy being single

(206): Funny thing- my attraction to each one is inversely proportional to his level of availability.

(6008): Spent thirty minutes trying to wee in a cup for my STD test. If only I got that shy with boys I wouldn’t be in this predicament

(972): they say celebs die in threes. leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE ***(props to D-town)

(631): Come here. I’m drunk. Family Function. Intense Pro-life vs. Pro-choice debate. Bring Republicans.

(305): If she didn’t want me to pass out in her bathroom, then she shouldn’t have such a furry rug in there