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Ok, so this article, Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships, doesn’t necessarily support or discredit my “just say no” title, but it’s really interesting. Here are some excerpts:

“..the age at which people marry for the first time has been steadily creeping up. As of 2005, in the United States, men married for the first time around the age of 27, and women at about 25 years of age…the hookup is what happens when high school seniors and college freshmen suddenly begin to realize they won’t be marrying for five, 10 or 15 years.”

“Young people during one of the most sexually active periods of their lives aren’t necessarily looking for a mate. What used to be a mate-seeking ritual has shifted to hookups: sexual encounters with no strings attached.”

“[Hooking up] is catching on among young working adults, mainly because of the Internet and social networks…Wilkerson says people hook up via the Internet and text messaging. ‘What that means is that you have contact with many, many more people, but each of those relationships takes up a little bit less of your life. That fragmentation of the social world creates a lot of loneliness.'”

I think it’s funny that if you scroll down to the end of the article, one of the links to “related articles” includes “Clyamydia Infections Are On The Rise.” Yeah, I’d say that’s related FOR SHIZZLE.

Picture 7

Let’s pause for a moment to notice this amazing artwork (see above). Just say no to hookups, and also to flat-tops, please! LOL. (Compliments of the Virginia Dept. of Health, seriously.)

I finally saw Away We Go tonight. Precious. Hilarious. Obnoxious. I loved every minute of it. In other words, I highly recommend it.

I’ve already downloaded the soundtrack; it’s totally up my alley. “In your love, my salvation lies…in your love…”

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Porn-arific, Burger King.

Check out their new racy ad.

I’ll admit that I stole this idea from my college friend Monica. A daybook is a brilliant way to fight the blogging block. (I’m also in a life block, but have yet to find a remedy for that one.)

outside my (coworkers’) window. . .
it is a beautiful sunny summer day. Perhaps June gloom is finally over?

I am listening to. . .
office white noise. Although this morning I woke up with A Mighty Fortress is Our God playing in my head, and it’s been in my head ever since. Isn’t that wholesome?

I am thinking. . .
about how exercise gives me such great endorphins.

I am thankful. . .
that my coworker likes to walk the backlot with me during lunch.

from the kitchen. . .
I’ve been making a lot of turkey & veggie sandwiches on whole wheat toast. I’ve also been using, which is a great free calorie-tracking tool!

I am wearing. . .
I just changed out of my tennis shoes and slipped back into dress shoes. Other than that, a v-neck sweater and capris. I love working in a mostly-casual environment.

I am hoping. . .
on a small scale: to find more enjoyment in my work. On a large scale: for hope & a vision.

I am creating. . .
meeting invitations in outlook and excel spreadsheets! The story of my job! Weee.

I am praying. . .

around the house. . .
I got a new bed! I upgraded from a single to a double a few months ago. I can no longer sing the Bob Marley line, “We’ll share the shelter…of my single bed.” 🙂 But even with all that room, I still sleep on one side. 🙂

I am reading. . .
Yesterday I finished What a Girl Wants. It’s a great chick-lit book! The author is very snarky and writes from a Christian viewpoint. I love it.

I am watching…
I recently finished watching the entire first season of Big Love on DVD this past week. I really enjoyed it, and I breezed through a season in less than a week. I recommend getting the blockbuster $10 summer pass if you’ve been waiting to watch any TV shows on DVD. It’s a pretty good deal!

one of my favorite things. . .
is playing volleyball every Sunday afternoon with our church league (both the league games and the pick-up games afterwards).

a few plans for the rest of the week. . .
Foundry tonight, drinks with Stacy tomorrow, maybe a friend’s birthday dinner on Thursday…

a picture that i am sharing. . .



my vball friends (one of my favorite things)

Check out this article.

A few excerpts:

“Grace Adler. Lorelei Gilmore. And, yes, Liz Lemon. You’ve seen them over and over, these slender women stuffing their faces for comic effect. Because they’re quirky! And down to earth! And lonely! But always skinny, so it’s okay!”

“Why are they all pretending to eat junk food constantly, yet maintaining Hollywood-tiny figures that clearly show the effects of restraint and exercise? …Maybe writers in Tinseltown find women eating normally to be such a novelty that it’s the stuff of high comedy.


Thanks for the link, Sandra.

I thought this was interesting, but they missed one crucial type = the douchebag! (This happens to be the prevalent type in LA – you know, those smarmy guys who really just want a booty call. Gross.)

5 Types of Men that Women Avoid

Shared via AddThis

Cute article.

“Given the research indicating how important friendships are to health (Mr. Zaslow cites one study where women with the most friends lived 22% longer than those with the fewest number), perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that women tend to outlast men.” – haha.

“Thank you for bein a friend.” 😉

Picture 1

Good morning,

Thank you so much for your participation in the Biggest Loser Competition: OC vs. LA.  Your creative team name, Girls Gone Lighter, has the collective goal weight loss of 418 lbs.


WOO HOO! Bring it. Motivation? Check. Should I binge on cookies and ice cream before my first weigh in so that I “lose more?” HAHAHA. So counterproductive.

Only Conan would canoe the LA River. El grosso, Conando! I hope they got tested for whatever it is you can catch from gross LA sewage!

Watch it on hulu.