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Go ahead and shed a tear for some of these shows that won’t be returning.

Without a Trace, thanks for the one-year of employment. Here’s to you…

(Thanks to Jeff for the link)

For all you TV lovers out there, check out the shows that each network has picked up for fall/midseason:






I’ve seen all the NBC pilots but will not divulge here. Feel free to ask me if you’re curious! 🙂

I have a tiny bladder. If I drank the daily recommended amount of water, I would be running to the bathroom all day. Tiny bladder syndrome makes certain activities challenging, such as: long car trips, doing any activity outdoors where there is no restroom,* and watching a movie without getting up and missing something. Well, now there is a remedy for the movie situation: RUNPEE.COM. Hilarious! Thanks for the link, Will!

Picture 1

* Luckily I’ve found a remedy for my 6 mile walk/jog – I have two friends who live right off the trail at opposite ends so that I can make pit stops when necessary. Whew.

OK, I like Lady A’s songs A LOT, but their videos (see links below) couldn’t be more mismatched; they’re totally unrelated to the lyrics of the songs. Case in point: Lookin for a Good Time. Completely mismatched in style and theme. This is country music, not the Beatles. Pop/country, but country nonetheless. When I picture that song, I picture a country bar, or something outdoors that’s really kick back and fun. Someone fire their Producer/conceptual director, please.

Just Lookin for a Good Time

I Run To You (I’m still convinced they are singing this to God; watch the video)

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

My mom is seeing Josh Turner & Alan Jackson tomorrow night. Jealous!

Here’s my fav Josh Turner song/music vid:

SO. HAWT. I love his sexy deep voice, and this video makes me swoon.

Here’s my most recent fav Alan Jackson song, because this is a real line dance that was created JUST for this song and video!

And I already have a summer of concerts lined up. In July I’m seeing Keith Urban, Counting Crows w/ Augustana, and the Coffeehouse Singer/songwriter Show. Me = excited? Um, YES.

me: omg i’m so f’in sick. my cold came back w/ a vengence today. i lost my voice completely for most of the day, i feel soo icky. this BETTER go away by SF. i was gonna do 6 mi tonight to get ready for it, and it looks like i’ll be in bed


mason: please take meds and get in bed. crystal has had the flu for the past 2 days. we need you guys to get better by sat. dont waste energy. we cant drive a car full of nasty up to san fran


me: car full of nasty! LOL.



So yeah, I’ve been in pretty sad shape the past few days. I’m SO OVER BEING IN BED.


In unrelated news, when did my life turn into an episode of Sex & the City?!? Seriously, it’s kind of hilarious. If you’d like to know more, you’ll need to take me out for drinks. Or cough syrup, as the case may be. Sigh.