We are the blonder version of the Gilmore Girls

We are the blonder version of the Gilmore Girls

I just submitted the following IM convo to postcardsfromyomomma.com:

via IM

Backstory: I live across the country from her.

MOM: I just joined FACEBOOK! My palms are sweating like crazy – this stuff makes me soooo FN nervous!

ME: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! u r hilarious! calm down, it’ll be ok. i can help u.

MOM: I need you HERE to help me!!!! Oh, and that reminds me – I need new songs downloaded onto my ipod please! COME HOME! FAST & FURIOUS!!! (FF)

ME: i need some fast and furious vacation time, unfortunately that is not on my horizon.

ME: i just tagged you in some pics so now you have pics on your pg

MOM: Oh My! Thanks ?????

ME: u can untag yourself if u hate them. welcome to FB!

MOM: Thanks! BTW, love the picture of you and the horse in one of your albums – and the pug – soooooo cute!

ME: thx! wow u’ve already been looking thru my albums. c? ur good at this.

MOM: But of course I’ve been looking at your photos – I will do anything to see pics of my girl!!! You are sooooo beautiful! MY throat is sooooo sore….. theraflu time…

ME: aww thx. feel better.

MOM: thx. i don’t know how to get back to fb…UH DUH!

MOM: Okay – signing off now. Have a great evening! XOXOXO