In last week’s TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars edition, Kate Walsh was asked, “you’ve been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. Which one wins?” Her Answer: “Red – it’s fun..Being a redhead is like being a little kitty who likes to scratch.” I thought that was pretty funny. Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks also made TV Guide’s “Sexiest” cut – in fact – she’s the centerfold! Let’s hear it for red heads with smokin curves!

I’ve really enjoyed being a redhead for 8 months. But it’s time to get my hair refreshed (on Saturday), and I’m thinking of changing it up a little. I have an idea, but I’d like your opinion. If you had to pick one hair color (or combo of colors) that you think looked best on me, what would it be? Here’s a visual of the options:







NATURAL: This was so long ago that I didn’t own a digital camera. I found ONE (lol):


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