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OK, at first I was all judgey about this website, thinking, ew, that is so gross, who would eat that, etc.

But then I looked at the pics and was like, yeah, I’d try that. And maybe that. And mmm bacon.

But some things still make me want to vomit.

Check it out: this is why you’re fat.

We are the blonder version of the Gilmore Girls

We are the blonder version of the Gilmore Girls

I just submitted the following IM convo to

via IM

Backstory: I live across the country from her.

MOM: I just joined FACEBOOK! My palms are sweating like crazy – this stuff makes me soooo FN nervous!

ME: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! u r hilarious! calm down, it’ll be ok. i can help u.

MOM: I need you HERE to help me!!!! Oh, and that reminds me – I need new songs downloaded onto my ipod please! COME HOME! FAST & FURIOUS!!! (FF)

ME: i need some fast and furious vacation time, unfortunately that is not on my horizon.

ME: i just tagged you in some pics so now you have pics on your pg

MOM: Oh My! Thanks ?????

ME: u can untag yourself if u hate them. welcome to FB!

MOM: Thanks! BTW, love the picture of you and the horse in one of your albums – and the pug – soooooo cute!

ME: thx! wow u’ve already been looking thru my albums. c? ur good at this.

MOM: But of course I’ve been looking at your photos – I will do anything to see pics of my girl!!! You are sooooo beautiful! MY throat is sooooo sore….. theraflu time…

ME: aww thx. feel better.

MOM: thx. i don’t know how to get back to fb…UH DUH!

MOM: Okay – signing off now. Have a great evening! XOXOXO

When people give you career advice they usually tell you to “do what you love.” That is complicated for me, because I love a lot of things.

When I was younger, I used to love to dance and choreograph. In fact, I loved it more than I loved any other activity in the world. For me, dancing came almost as naturally as breathing. Even though I didn’t have a lot of professional or technical training, I was good at it. By Junior year I was already captain of my high school drill team. I went to state conventions and competitions, and later took my team to nationals at Disney World, where we won first place (and I won my cherished “Best Choreography” award). I thought I had found my calling; I was on the road to becoming a professional dancer and choreographer.

Everything changed the summer before my senior year of high school. I injured my knee at dance camp and had arthroscopic surgery to remove the damaged cartilage. The recovery was rough. I eventually went back to dancing and choreographing, but within a year my “good knee” turned into another bad knee, and I had yet another surgery. At that point my surgeon implored me to stop dancing. I was crushed. Soon after, I moved across the country to start college and hopefully find a new dream.

I spent my first few years of college as an undeclared major. I never lacked ambition or drive, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do or where to focus all my energy. But then…(drum roll)…I found the Comm Dept. Oh glorious media! Writing, photography, theater – all things I enjoyed! Thanks to the promptings of my lovely professors Jan Pletcher and Donna Downs, I became a Communications major. I rocked my journalism classes and my articles were published in local newspapers and magazines. I took a semester of acting class and found myself starring in a school play. I interned in our university’s PR department and edited publications. Somewhat unrelated to the department (but still enjoyable), I found a niche in our annual airband competition and choreographed and performed several dance numbers for the stage. I still didn’t find that “one thing,” I was passionate about, but I was having a blast.

In the course of my studies I read a lot about how media – namely film and television – had a powerful impact on culture. I spent my final semester of school at a “semester in LA” filmĀ  program, where I interned at a dance & choreography agency and took classes in Hollywood. During that semester my professors encouraged me to view Hollywood as a “mission field” with a huge and powerful impact. I was sold. I didn’t like my internship, and I had no idea where I fit in the greater scheme of things, but I knew that I wanted to work “in the industry.”

I’ve been living and working in Hollywood for four and a half years now, and I still don’t know where I fit in the greater scheme of things. I can tell you, however, that I’ve been through some really hard times. I had my quarter life crisis before I ever hit 25 (appropriately so, as most people don’t live to be 100). I’ve worked grunt jobs, mindless jobs, thankless jobs, temp jobs, 70+ hour production weeks, and I’ve done on-set manual labor. I’ve interviewed for countless positions. I’ve produced an independent DVD. And I still haven’t found anything that’s given me the same amount joy that I felt when I was dancing.

Even though the economy has tanked, I’ve been blessed with a long-term temp job from 9:00-6:00 everyday. Working a mere 40-hour week (yes, this is the mentality you get in Hollywood, a 40-hour week is a walk in the park) has opened several hours in my day that I now use for gym time, Life Group, movie screenings and events, line dancing, and other fun non-work activities. I have been embracing this time in my life as a season that allows me to…dare I say it…have fun and do what I love outside of work. Maybe I’ll never have just one thing that I love, but I do know that I already have two: writing and dance (hopefully the non-knee destroying kind).

I still haven’t let myself off the hook to figure out what I want to do for pay (afterall, it would be a welcome change to actually be stimulated by my paying job), but perhaps this is the time to rediscover and nurture those things that make me happy in life. I want to be present in whatever season I find myself, so that I can welcome the next season of my life with open (happy) arms.

“I’m trying to get to a point where I can just lay in one place and don’t have to do anything, ever.”

Thanks, Will.

I completed my first 8k on Sunday morning:


I knocked a minute off my pace, to boot.

I’m not in it to win it, I’m in it to finish it :).

LA Times article:

The Valley’s new 747 area code means dialing changes for 818

“…if you’re in the 818 area code and you want to call your neighbor to complain about a barking dog, you still need to dial 11 digits — like this: 1-818-000-0000.”


Nasal Irrigation. It doesn’t make for great date conversation, but who I am to withhold such helpful info in my blog? (Shameless, I know.)

Check out this NYT article:

Well, OF COURSE it does. If you’ve done it, then you know it is INSTANT temporary relief. I use my NeilMed Sinus Rinse everyday (usually before bed so that I can sleep better). I can’t imagine that anyone who suffers from allergies, congestion, etc. wouldn’t use a nasal irrigation system. I prefer this system so that I don’t have to tilt my head and play with gravity:


This version just shoots the water into your sinuses (based on the pressure you use to squeeze the bottle). I should be their spokesperson, don’t you think?

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OK class. Read. Discuss…

According this this article, if your size does not allow you to put down the armrests or fasten your seat belt, United will now require you to buy two seats instead of one. I understand that weight, for the most part, is controllable. But even at my very normal size, those seats are TOO SMALL for comfort. Baby got back! Let’s increase those seat sizes, please!

Also, if airlines can charge their customers extra for their size, then I think government should fine the airlines for not complying with customers’ height needs. I’m a mere 5’6” and I am terribly uncomfortable in those cabin seats. I can’t imagine how cramped it is for taller folks.

Stepping off soapbox…

If you want to get more out of your work-outs, check out this article, in Real Simple.

I guess I’m going to have to start going backwards on the eliptical!

I like ’em thick and red-lettered…

Thanks, Sheli!