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This article in The Onion totally cracked me up.

“Further analysis revealed that 54 percent of respondents are not getting any younger over here. Nearly 10 percent don’t understand what the big holdup is. And 23 percent are not only ready, but have been ready for the past half hour, so let’s go already.”

I really enjoy the photos and accompanying captions (F bomb alert).

I had no idea that the interrobang existed until a friend posted something about it on facebook. (I was hoping it was not an interrogation method that involved some kind of lewd activity, if you know what I mean.) To my relief, I found out that it is merely a symbol. My reliable friend google lead me to this Wikipedia entry, which explains it as, “a nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of the question mark and the exclamation mark.” See below:


If I’ve ever seen an interrobang before, I must have just assummed it was an f*ed up question mark, because I surely don’t remember learning about this random exclamation fad. Do you?

I didn’t know anyone else shared my deep affection for peanut butter until I came across this blog. Her photos make me salivate, and they gave me all kinds of topping ideas for oatmeal and yogurt! Yum!

This proved entertaining and enlightening (or delightening as the case may be):

Earth Hour 2009.

Happy clicking!

(Thanks to Matt & Jim for posting these links on facebook.)

Today my friends and I volunteered at the Children’s Hunger Fund headquarters in Pacioma. It was a really good experience. In four short hours, we packed over 1600 boxes of food for children in Peru.


For me, this is just part of what God is teaching me about giving lately. More on that topic soon…

is this photo, taken before my Papa went into his latest surgery (to get his temporary feeding tube):


Now that’s a picture of love that’s been going strong for 67 years – the kind of love I hope to find someday!


Get ready, friends. The US AIR GUITAR COMPETITION is coming your way soon. Their mission is to “take our nation’s unofficial pastime out of the bedroom and put it up on the world stage.” Pure comedy.

My friends and I watched the Air Guitar Nation documentary on New Year’s Eve (after rockin out on Guitar Hero, appropriately).  The contenders take their “craft” very seriously, which is why it’s so stinkin hilarious. We heckled and cracked up the whole time.

The 2009 US Championship is a 25-city tour, and it comes to LA on June 19th. Wanna go? You know you do! Tickets go on sale TOMORROW!

Here’s to fakin it ’til you make it, friends.

I used to work on TV shows, which means I worked alongside actors and/or celebrities on a regular basis. Now that I’m on the more corporate studio/network side of things, my celebrity sightings are less frequent. Nonetheless, I realize that reporting celebrity run-ins is exciting for friends and family back home. So today I bring you…(drum roll)…this week’s celebrity sightings:

On Tuesday I saw Doogie Howser, M.D., a.k.a. Barney, a.k.a. Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) at Jamba Juice.

On Thursday I saw Chuck (Zachary Levi) outside of the Starbucks right next to the Jamba Juice.

I have no notable or even remotely interesting stories to coincide with these sightings. However, my desire to make-out with Zachary Levi is somewhat notable. So if anyone wants to hook a sisah up, let me know. I’ve met him once, but kissing him would have been highly inappropriate at the time. I’m sure it was hard for him to hold back (ha).

In other news, my mom had a recent celebrity sighting: Keith Urban. She won tickets to a private concert and meet and greet! She and Don got their photos taken with him and chatted with him for a few seconds. Needless to say, I’m jealous.

“Days go by…I can feel ’em flyin like a hand out the window in the wind…”

I have always struggled with weight, save maybe the years I went through growth spurts as a kid. I’m not genetically set up to “win” in the weight loss category. My doctor confirmed my suspicions last month when after several blood tests and doctor visits, she looked at me and said, “I think what we’re dealing with here is a case of genetics.”

While some days I just want to throw in the towel and indulge on dessert (and yes, I do that more often than I should), I still try to at least eat healthy meals. If you could look at my diet now and compare it to the years I lived in the Midwest and South, you’d notice a dramatic difference. Shortly after I moved to Cali I began to introduce new “healthy” foods into my daily life. I used to think vegetables were the grossest thing ever (clearly, I had no idea how to prepare them right), but now I eat a salad or veggie filled 1/2 sandwich nearly everyday. Part of this lifestyle change is a result of being adventurous and trying new things, and part of it can be attributed to my changing taste buds. As my tastes change, I’ve noticed that my body will experience weird cravings for foods I used to hate. For example, I used to absolutely despise pickles. I used to tell people that the day I crave pickles is the day you’ll know I’m pregnant. Well, a few months ago I accidentally ate some pickles on a turkey burger, and I fell in love with their vinagery saltiness. Since that day, I have yet to order my deli sandwich or burger without them. Therefore, I would like to publicly redact my pregnancy / pickles statement, as there is no possible way I could be pregnant, save miraculous conception.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…

While I have made some healthy changes (pickles are questionable), I know I could always do better.* I read this article called “Secrets of Thin People,” in Real Simple Magazine. I really liked the idea that, “Thin people are selective gourmets…Our bodies have a budget, like our checkbook. We should ‘spend’ on what we eat selectively, not compulsively.” It sounds simple, but it’s really a helpful idea. I’m genetically set up to be overweight, so I have a smaller budget (hmm, just like my REAL bank account). Not fair, but unchangeable nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that diet and exercise are major players, but they will only take you so far. I’ve incorporated healthier foods into my diet and I also hit the gym or trail about four times a week, but I’m not thin. I’m far from it. This creates and ongoing battle within me. Part of me knows I’m basically healthy and that I should love and accept my sexy curves, “Clark thighs,” and extra junk in the trunk, but the other part is utterly and completely disgusted with myself. I know I’m not alone with this  love/hate relationship with my body. But I do wish that, as a society, we would start to recognize HEALTHY fuller figured girls as beautiful in their own right.

Take Megan McCain for example. A journalist called her fat! To my knowledge, Megan is not an aspiring supermodel or starlet, so she’s not expected to be tiny. She’s a political writer! And she is NOT fat. She is gorgeous. I really wish the media would stop labeling normal, healthy girls as “fat.” I also wish guys would do the same, but that’s opening a whole other can…

Here’s to the ongoing battle of the buldge, and to those who love/hate their bodies. May we all remember to put our HEALTH first!

*Totally not willing to give up my dark chocolate. Non-negotiable  :).