I’m starting a 10-day detox program that my Doctor recommended, and I feel like it’s one of my biggest undertakings ever (prayers/encouragement welcome).

A simple explanation of the plan: For the first 3 days, I can only eat very small portions from an approved food list (free of sugar, dairy, preservatives, and gluten). In those three days, I slowly replace more and more meals and snacks with an expensive amino acid powder that I mix into my water (and no, it doesn’t taste very good). Then on days 4-6 I only drink water and powder (no food). Days 7-10 slowly reintroduce approved foods via snacks and meals. By the end of 10 days, my metabolism is supposed to reset itself, and my body should have less toxins. Added bonus: everyone who has done this plan has lost an average of 10 lbs.

Confession: I’ve never really fasted (beyond fasting before surgeries). Terrible, I know. Jesus fasted, and he set the example for us to fast and pray. I’ve always been too a) weak, and b) scared, to ever give fasting a try. But since this program comes with a medical stamp of approval, I’m on board. I paid for it, and I’m committed. I’m scared shitless, but I’m doing this thing.

Please pardon my possible withdrawal symptoms.