There are many, many difficult things about a break-up. Here are some less-obvious, non-emotional things that I’ve lost…

EMERG contact

My local emergency contact. I have no family out here in LA, and no one to whom I am accountable (and vice-versa). Therefore, my emergency contact number is once again my mother, who lives over halfway across the country. A lot of good that will do me if I need someone locally. Maybe I should give my mom some of my friends’ numbers in LA…just in case.


Access to Showtime (and an amazingly large and brilliant TV). Oh, how I will miss catching my two favorite cable shows, Dexter and Weeds. Sad story, indeed. Guess I have to wait til the new seasons come out on DVD.


Guilt-free rides. I have no problem asking my significant other for a ride to the hospital, doctor, airport, etc. I HATE asking friends for these things. Also, I will miss carpooling everywhere (church, etc).


I decided that I should also point out that there are things I’ve found as a result of the break-up.

life group

My 20-somethings singles life group. I don’t think I would have joined a singles group if I was in a relationship, although technically I was still single before (as in not married). I’ve meet some really great friends through this group. Another thing I did not loose (but rather surprisingly gained) was even more of a commute out to the West Valley, since I still go to church out there, attend life group once a week, and hang out with new friends in that area.


I can’t know for sure if I would have found this place if I was still in a relationship, but I did discover it shortly after the break-up. I’m so glad I did. Yee haw!


I’ve rediscovered my love of reading. This can probably be attributed to my new-found free time, as well as my desire to become an even better, more insightful person. So far I’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You twice, and I’m almost halfway through Eat Pray Love. Both have proven to be very healing for me.