And “Happy Giving Birth To Me Day” to my Momma!

For the last several years I’ve made it a point to call her and tell her that. This year, she said, “well, I can’t say I had a good day that day [January 30, 1982], but it’s been good ever since!” Ha! She definitely did not have an easy labor; I’m sure she was a very distraught 19-year-old that day. But I am so happy that God picked her to be my mother (and my friend). And I’m grateful for the great Midwestern blizzard of 1982 that kept us snowed into the hospital just long enough for her to fall in love with me and decide that there was no way she could even consider giving up her baby girl, regardless of how young or ill-equipped she felt at the time.* And I am so thankful for “the village” that came up alongside her to love and support the both of us. My cup runneth over when I think about how everything worked itself out.

My birthday is always a great time to reflect on the circumstances of that day, and how God is faithful in the big and small things in my life.


Only 4 more hours til the official birthday celebration begins!

*This might be the only time you will hear me say I’m grateful for snowy/incliment weather.