As we approach January 30th, I’ve been thinking about my birthday wishes. While this is not an all-encompassing list, here are a few things that might make my 27th year (ahem, I mean 25+) a little more enjoyable. I will probably end up buying and/or giving most of these to myself, as I only expect about three people to give me a birthday gift (and all three are related to me) :). I don’t really expect gifts from anyone else. Merrymaking and celebrating will suffice.

  1. Good pedometer (Real Simple suggests Accusplit AL 1540 or Acumen 10K Stepper).
  2. New running/walking shoes from my fav place, Phidippides in Encino.
  3. Entry into Bay to Breakers in May.
  4. Bare Minerals Powder – although I am already buying this for myself.
  5. Netflix subscription.
  6. A de-cluttered bedroom (will take a lot of time / work / purging on my part).
  7. A full-sized bed (& bedding) to reward myself for de-cluttering. (I’m going to be 27, it’s time to upgrade from a twin. Yes my room is TINY, but I think I can make it work.)
  8. Cornhole game pieces (although I’d have nowhere to store them).
  9. An Orchid, although I’m afriad I will kill it; I’ve already killed 3 “lucky” bamboo plants.
  10. A lucky bamboo plant. Hey, I’m an optimist.