This article mentions that “no commercial peanut butter brands sold in grocery stores have been linked to the salmonella outbreak.”


I eat peanut butter EVERY DAY. Usually on a whole wheat english muffin, but also sometimes on apples or in protein shakes.

If I couldn’t get my daily peanut butter fix, I’d be a very unhappy girl. I mean, I’ve tried almond butter, but it’s just not as good. I need the real stuff. Ideally, the all-natural stuff. Laura Scudders & the all-natural Trader Joes brand = delish.

I remember trying to buy peanut butter during my short stint in Spain. It’s not common there, it’s expensive (I think it’s imported), and it’s also not a socially acceptable food. In fact, whenever I would talk about/try to purchase/eat it, I was chastised. They pointed at me and said things like “gorda.” Ouch. So did I disown and shun one of my favorite foods? Absolutely not. My love runs deep.

I mean, why get all bent out of shape about a delicious plant-based protein that is also a good source of healthy fats? I think Spaniards just need to chill out and have a PBJ with their torilla every now and then.

In the wise words of Bill Cosby, “Man cannot live by bread alone. He must have peanut butter.”*

Amen, Bill.

*To those with peanut allergies like my friend Will, I’m very sorry to rub this in. I really hope you enjoy your almond butter.