Yes, you read that right. My doc is on email. So whenever I have some weird medical question, problem, or feel sick, I just shoot her an email. She gets back to me within one day or sooner. I can even set appointments that way. Amazing, right? I think so. Especially when I’m in my little cubical, and I don’t want to talk about about that weird contagious fungus over the phone…KIDDING! I don’t have a weird contagious fungus. (But if YOU have one, I can totally pass along my doctor’s email address, because you should really get that looked at).

The reason I’ve been emailing my doc lately is that she referred me to a new dermatologist, who I think will be slicing me open tomorrow. No worries; it’s something very minor. So minor in fact, that I’m going on my lunch break and no one will realize I’m gone.

Anyhow, back to tech-savvy medical professionals. My dentist’s office has also stepped it up into modern communication; they recently got a really nice auto email confirmation system for confirming appointments. I love it. There’s even a little icon to click so you can automatically add that appointment to your calendar. So easy.

The rest of my docs are still rotary phoning it up; but I still count myself lucky that I’ve found them. It’s very comforting to have a good team of regular doctors. I love my ENT, Podiatrist, Chrio, Dentist, and now my new email-savvy Family/General/OBGYN Doc. I realize that the fact that I have all those docs makes me seem sickly or hypochondriac-ish or something, but I’m just really into prevention and staying healthy (for many necessary reasons, some genetic, some injury-based). Although I will admit, no matter how hard I try to stay healthy, I ALWAYS end up with 3-4 nasty colds/viruses/sinus things each year. So I guess in that way I’m a little sickly, and it’s super ANNOYING.

On that note, if you ever need some good referrals, you know who to ask!