hot electrician: “hi, (insert obligatory small talk)”
me: (obligatory small talk)
hotness: “so, what does your red badge mean.”
me: “oh, um, i guess it means i’m a temp.”
him: “how long have you been here?”
me: (insert obligatory answer)
him: “wow, so that red badge seems to be a bad thing; like they can let you go whenever they want.”
me: (some unremarkable answer)
him: “well, it’s red, so at least it matches your hair”
me: “yeah…because…that’s important in a badge.” (thinking: i’m an idiot…but that was a strange comment…HEY! he noticed my hair for the second day in a row! YAY!)

eye candy and regular (hey, 2 times!) hair compliments = a great reason to come to work in the morning