• One musclehead, who decided to stand directly behind me while I was pumping free weights in front of the mirror. He proceeded to do a dramatic series of flexes and poses while gazing at his own reflection. THEN, to my amusement, he lifted up his tank so he could rub and admire his non-human eight pack (from every angle). I wonder if he heard me snicker. Probably not. He was so turned on my his own body that I expected him to start having sex with himself right then and there. I’ve noticed that, in general, guys at the gym appear to be WAY more vain than girls.
  • Guy obviously cupping and shifting himself right in my eye-line. Dude. Stop. Buy proper support. Or something. I’m no expert, but FIGURE IT OUT.
  • Coworker, who seems really cool and is a writer-type, too. And now we can motivate each other to go to the gym.
  • Old training buddy, who has lost 60 lbs on the Dr. Joe diet & exercise regime. For those of you who do not know, Dr. Joe was my old trainer who tried to put me on a diet that restricted ALL: sugar, fruit, gluten (this includes every bread product except brown rice), potatoes, or dairy. Essentially only veggies, brown rice, eggs, and meat for every meal. Sure, you’ll lose a ton of weight eating that way, but NO THANKS, Dr. Joe. He was also completely nut balls, if you couldn’t tell by that diet.
  • My swollen right knee, which decided it can’t handle the squat machines with mere 70 lb weights. (I have had surgery on each of them, and it seems that I’ll have to baby them for the rest of my life. ANNOYING.)
  • The scale, which seems to indicate that I’ve lost 1-2 lbs since I’ve started working out like a fiend* since Jan 1st. But who knows if that’s just water weight. Time will tell.
  • Confirmation of my training account cancellation, which I’ve been fighting for since summer. Last year I was conned into an  expensive contract after the rep lied to me about the terms. But the good news is that I was finally refunded for the past few months, I was not charged a cancellation fee, and I still have several sessions left in my account.

*Like a fiend for me means almost every day for about 1 1/2 hours. So to some of you that’s not fiend-like, it’s normal. But I HAD to get back to track, and it’s been a phenomenal coping mechanism for me. Although my hamstrings feel like they’re ripping apart. But that’s a good thing, I think.

So are YOU working out more now that it’s the new year?