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banana bread big

I use 1/2 regular 1/2 whole wheat flour, cut the sugar a little, and add chocolate chips and walnuts 🙂 Recipe compliments of my mom, modifications compliments of me!

And “Happy Giving Birth To Me Day” to my Momma!

For the last several years I’ve made it a point to call her and tell her that. This year, she said, “well, I can’t say I had a good day that day [January 30, 1982], but it’s been good ever since!” Ha! She definitely did not have an easy labor; I’m sure she was a very distraught 19-year-old that day. But I am so happy that God picked her to be my mother (and my friend). And I’m grateful for the great Midwestern blizzard of 1982 that kept us snowed into the hospital just long enough for her to fall in love with me and decide that there was no way she could even consider giving up her baby girl, regardless of how young or ill-equipped she felt at the time.* And I am so thankful for “the village” that came up alongside her to love and support the both of us. My cup runneth over when I think about how everything worked itself out.

My birthday is always a great time to reflect on the circumstances of that day, and how God is faithful in the big and small things in my life.


Only 4 more hours til the official birthday celebration begins!

*This might be the only time you will hear me say I’m grateful for snowy/incliment weather.

1. Betsy is my nickname. My legal name is Elizabeth. Most people in LA have no idea that Betsy is short for Elizabeth, but it’s a very common nickname in the Midwest.

2. Most people pronounce my last name incorrectly.

3. I have to put a lot of effort into being on time for things. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I’m still late. (But I’m always worth the wait!) 🙂

4. I LOVE to sleep in. I wish I was one of those “rise and shine” people, but instead I’m a “might rise…eventually” person. I’ve learned that this doesn’t make me any better or worse than those shiny morning people. I’m just a CHAMPION sleeper.

5. I am crazy about music (all kinds, but especially indie and country). I love going to concerts, and I know the words to most songs on the radio, whether or not I try to remember them. I love to sing along.

6. I have lived in Rachel’s condo for over 4 years – the longest I’ve lived in any one place in my entire life. It’s been nice to have the same mailing address for so long.

7. I recently ended a 2 year relationship. It’s been hard, but I’ve grown a lot.

8. In the past year, my hair has been brown with highlights, blonde, and red. I feel no need to commit to one color; it’s fun to change it up.

9. I haven’t yet switched over to a California area code, and I’m in no rush to do so. I hope you all enjoy dialing Dallas in the meanwhile.

10. I bought my used car back in 2002 and it’s STILL running! I can’t believe it, but I’m so grateful. Yes, I do have my mechanic on speed-dial.

11. I really want my next vehicle to be a small economical SUV, like a Ford Escape. One major reason is that it will be easier on my knees to get in and out of a taller vehicle. Yep, I’m old like that!

12. Before my two knee injuries/surgeries, I used to LIVE to dance and choreograph. Now I’m just grateful I can still participate in most low impact activities.

13. I’m convinced I have a faulty immune system. I take vitamins, eat healthy, wash my hands often, and stay active; but I still seem to catch every little cold/flu/virus/etc. Bleh.

14. I am a cat lady without a cat. Sad story, I know. I want one so badly! Maybe one day when I am wealthier and can afford my own place, I will rescue one from a shelter and it will love me and cuddle with me.

15. Good massages are my FAVORITE. I wish I could get massages every week…make that every day :).

16. Whipping up something delicious in the kitchen helps me unwind from a day at work. My new favorite treat is whole-wheat banana bread (with walnuts and chocolate chips). Yum.

17. I’ve always had big aspirations, but at this point I really don’t know where my life is headed, career-wise or other-wise. I’m temporarily OK with that; I’m trying to be patient with myself while I figure it out.

18. I never thought I’d consider being a stay-at-home mom for any period of time, but the more I think about it, the more I’m becoming open to the idea. Not that this it is relevant to my life at this moment, or anything.

19. I’ve always been an over-achiever. I’m also a procrastinator. Somehow this works for me.

20. I have very poor long-term memory. Please don’t take offense if I’ve forgotten something important, and please don’t take advantage of it ;).

21. I take a LOT of photos. This might have something to do my whole long-term memory problem, but I really enjoy documenting almost everything. So if you’re with me and I pull out the camera – just be a good sport, please.

22. I really dislike the show The Bachelor; it frustrates me to watch all those women throw themselves at one man. I think that if a man likes a woman, he’ll let her know, and he’ll ask her out. No manipulation, games, or agonizing necessary, ladies!

23. I have worn the same delicious smelling perfume since I was 15.

24. “I love Jesus, but I drink a little.” (I loved that episode of Ellen.)

25. My 27th birthday is on Friday. I don’t like aging, but I do like celebrating! Woo!

Holy guacamole. This list took awhile to type.

Bear with me while I have a romantic girly moment.

This is the kind of wedding I want one day – loved ones, oh so stylish & fun, loads of dancing, loads of love, and – most importantly – The Right Person.

It’s certainly something to hope for.

Amazing slideshow via the unbride blog.

…that you’re supposed to keep oils, whole wheat flour, brown rice, and oatmeal in the refrigerator? I didn’t.

More tips on how to stock a healthy fridge here (via Real Simple). Who knows, this article might even help you keep your healthy New Year’s resolution.

If you’re interested in Song of Solomon (who isn’t?), then listen/watch this.

It was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve already made it through the first one.

My favorite line so far has been, “I’ve been reading Song of Solomon, and I’m going Old Testament.” 🙂

As we approach January 30th, I’ve been thinking about my birthday wishes. While this is not an all-encompassing list, here are a few things that might make my 27th year (ahem, I mean 25+) a little more enjoyable. I will probably end up buying and/or giving most of these to myself, as I only expect about three people to give me a birthday gift (and all three are related to me) :). I don’t really expect gifts from anyone else. Merrymaking and celebrating will suffice.

  1. Good pedometer (Real Simple suggests Accusplit AL 1540 or Acumen 10K Stepper).
  2. New running/walking shoes from my fav place, Phidippides in Encino.
  3. Entry into Bay to Breakers in May.
  4. Bare Minerals Powder – although I am already buying this for myself.
  5. Netflix subscription.
  6. A de-cluttered bedroom (will take a lot of time / work / purging on my part).
  7. A full-sized bed (& bedding) to reward myself for de-cluttering. (I’m going to be 27, it’s time to upgrade from a twin. Yes my room is TINY, but I think I can make it work.)
  8. Cornhole game pieces (although I’d have nowhere to store them).
  9. An Orchid, although I’m afriad I will kill it; I’ve already killed 3 “lucky” bamboo plants.
  10. A lucky bamboo plant. Hey, I’m an optimist.

1) modern dance

2) greg laswell

3) unintended comedy

this is what happens…

seriously enjoyable. totally spastic. although in the second to last what a day video (the one in the hotel ballroom) – the dancers/choreographers actually understood the musicality/movement of the song, even if they weren’t in sync. the others = mostly unintentionally comedic.

At this time last year I was fortunate enough to have access to screeners so I could easily catch up on all the Oscar nominees. This year, however, I’m not so lucky. Thankfully, one of my good friends at least has indirect access, so we were able to watch The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire in the comfort of his home (after cooking amazing food and then lounging on his couch). We’re trying to make these dinner/screener nights a regular thing, but with our schedules and actually GETTING the screeners, it’s a little challenging. Anyhow, I’m saddened that I have not yet seen the movies below…


Rachel Getting Married


Vicky Christina Barcelona






The Wrestler


Revolutionary Road


The Duchess


Frozen River

All of the documentaries and foreign language films

—-end list—-

If it’s not listed here, that means I’ve seen it.

Out of all of these “not yet seen” films, which do YOU think I should see first?

If you’ve bought cosmetics from…

  • Bergdorf Goodman, Bergner’s, Bloomingdale’s, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Dillard’s, Gottschalks, Herberger’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Parisian, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Younkers

…between 1994-2003, you are eligible to receive a free cosmetic item (listed here) as part of a a legal settlement. You don’t even need your receipt. All you do is sign a paper saying you did, in fact, purchase an eligible product during that time.

I buy my Clinique proucts from Macy’s so I definitely want to take advantage of this! Now when will I find time to get to a mall…