After 11 hours of travel by car, bus, and two planes, I stood at the airport  luggage carousel for over twenty minutes, waiting for any sign of our flight’s luggage.

And then a few bags came around.

And around…

And around…

And then the carousel stopped.

A lady came out and announced that they (United via Sky West) had lost ALL our bags.

My response? I just sort of chuckled. That weird feeling I had the day before I left – the feeling I had when I paid the pointless $15 fee for my checked bag* – it was a premonition of sorts. I had an inkling that my brand new heavy duty Samsonite roller luggage would not arrive in Florida with me. So did I pack at least a pair of clean underwear in my carry-on for such a circumstance? No, because I did not want to entertain the thought. So, there I was, luggageless (and clean underwearless)  despite my amazingly on-spot intuition.

Knowing there was nothing else I could do, I called my dad, and gave him both the good and bad news (the good being that I had arrived; the bad being that my bag had not). He picked me up and I called to file a lost/delayed luggage claim. And I was put on hold.

And I held…

And I held…

After about 20-30 minutes, an agent finally got to the bottom of it. Apparently my bag never left Chicago (my layover city). 

After a follow up call earlier today, an automated customer service robot promised my bag would be delivered between 2:30-4:30 tonight. But it was not.

And so I called baggage claim service.

And I held.

And I was disconnected. Again…

And I got a busy signal. Again..and again…

Until I finally got through to a person (after several hours), and was told that “due to delivery challenges, my bag would not be delivered on time, but rather several hours late.”

My bag FINALLY arrived at Dad’s doorstep at 6:30 tonight. 

This is the FOURTH time an airline has lost (and therefore had to deliver) my luggage. I suppose for the amount of traveling I do, that’s a fairly low percentage. But STILL.

Has this little setback ruined my trip? Not a chance. I’m on one of the most beautiful islands in Florida, and saying that it’s kick-back is an understatement. I’m loving it. (I’m also loving “my” adorable little black cat, Spook. He’s the best cat in the world, and I missed him so much!)** 

Tomorrow Dad and I leave for Santa Maria Island to hang with more people who share my last name, some of whom I haven’t seen in over 7 years. Should be fun!


*It’s really too bad that the new $15 fee per checked bag does not result in better service.

**Yes, I want to be a cat lady.