No fame no money I’m nobody
The way I’m running has sure got me down
On my knees.
But next stop, Vegas please.

-Sarah Bareilles, Vegas

I’m back from a mini blogging hiatus that included a short trip to the city of debauchery. On Saturday morning, four of us packed into a car and drove into Nevada so that two of us could run the Las Vegas marathon (I was not one of the two, not that you even suspected). It was my very first time in Vegas, and WHOA, sensory overload. Everything is BIG. I mean, they say everything is bigger in Texas, but by everything I think they  just mean hair and boobs. In Vegas, EVERYTHING is supersized – the hotels, the signs, the decor, the buffets, the parking structures, etc.

And to my pleasant surprise, you can do Vegas on a budget. There are plenty of fun, free or cheap things to do. Gawking is free (ooo, so shiny!); I did tons of that. Walking around and admiring the HUGENESS of it all was also free (but this probably still qualifies as gawking). One of my absolute favorite moments, the lion feeding at the MGM, was free, and it made me squeal like a little girl (KITTY!). The list could go on and on. We even got a great deal on our hotel, and thanks to the marathon, we scored half price tickets to La Rev, the best show in town (or so I’m told, and yes, it was awesome, in the true sense of the word). We did splurge on The Buffet at the Wynn, which was definitely the best buffet of my life, and definitely worth every penny. So yes, a great, gluttonous time was had by all. (More gluttonous for me, since I did not run the 26 or 13 miles…but I’m sure all that walking burned some calories. Hmm…yeah.)