I have decided that this will be the year. Every year I tell myself that I will send holiday cards, and every year I flake. But this year I ordered cards from Vistaprint.* Since I’m single, I couldn’t do the whole “married couple/family in matching sweaters” on the front, so I put a photo of me next to the Hollywood sign (typical?), along with a small photo collage along the bottom that includes random pics with Jeff and my mom.

So, I was just wondering (please vote!)…

Also, do you think it’s lame to put a picture of yourself on the card if you don’t have a spouse or family?

*If you’d like to use Vistaprint for holiday cards, checks, biz cards, or whatever, please let me know! I can send you an email coupon and I earn points. I’m a big fan. I have used them several times in the past. They are so affordable!