I hope you had a wonderful holiday eating delicious food with the ones you love. Even though I was suffering through my second cold virus of the month, I enjoyed Thanksgiving with Jeff and his family. I ate my first ever deep fried turkey, and it was absolutely drool-worthy. I also snagged his aunt’s sweet potato casserole recipe, which was amazing as well.

I intended to write a Thanksgiving post about how thankful I am, but frankly, I was too busy enjoying the holiday and being thankful. 🙂 You can expect a post on thankfulness and how it relates to my theory on life at a later date. Suspense!

As you know, with turkey leftovers comes Black Friday and retail madness. I’ve never been a big shopper during this time of year. In fact, I try to stay away from the malls (and the scary, aggressive drivers in mall parking lots/structures) during this stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t say I that I have completely abandoned consumerism, as I sincerely enjoy receiving gifts from my four parents (yes, divorced/remarried parents = more gifts! A perk?). I even give them my wishlist every year (which is really a dual-purpose list since my birthday is in January). Is it strange that I still give them a list as a 26-year-old? Probably! But when you’re single, broke, and living in an expensive city halfway across the country, you have NEEDS, people. (Like a gift card for Sephora – I’m just sayin.) But they have actually already given me my gift this year, and I could not ask for a better one…drum roll please…I am flying out to see both my Dad and Mom! That’s right, I fly to Florida for 5 days, then Texas for 5 days. SPOILED! I know! Which brings me to the REAL meaning of Christmas anyways. Our PRESENCE, not necessarily our PRESENTS.

Please take a moment and watch this short video. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this group and just happened to find this via a friend on Facebook. Thanks, Dan!

So, what do you think? Do you want to be in on this conspiracy?