After a brief blogging hiatus, and two years of promises to create a public blog…I finally did it!

(Insert congratulatory words, flowers, and niceties here.)


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Now, a word to my fellow WordPress blogging community:

I’m a bit frustrated with WordPress so far. I don’t like that there are only 26 templates that include customizable headers, and out of those 26, only 3 looked even sort of decent with my self-designed header. I also wish I could change the font (including the color), and move things around a bit. But alas, I don’t know CSS (although I did end up teaching myself enough HTML to get around in the myspace world). We’ll see how geeked out I get here. I may even buy a domain eventually. (Nerd alert!) If any of you expert bloggers want to lend a hand, I’d love it!

Post number one down, millions to go!